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Our land is suitable for a number of current uses including; grazing of livestock, farming and paddock conversion or for general recreational or amenity purposes. Land is a popular and tangible asset that has seen a rise in land prices year on year, out performing property and shares.

Land keeps pace with London's residential market

The average value of land rose again last quarter and 8% over the past 12 months. This represents the eleventh consecutive quarter of growth and means values now stand at a record high. Over the past five years farmland has outperformed many other asset classes, including gold, and has even kept pace with London’s luxury residential market.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q3 2015, 5 Oct 2015)

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What has driven this rise in land prices?

There are many national and international factors driving land price higher, including:

  • Global downturn in the economy
  • A predicted 40% rise in world population by 2050, resulting in;
  • Increased demand for food and therefore commodity prices
  • These sharp increases in food prices continue to encourage farmers to expand production
  • A weak pound has buoyed the market, making land more attractive for overseas buyers
  • Overseas buyers, lifestyle purchasers and farmers all competing for land for sale
  • Increasing demand outstripping an extremely limited supply of land

At present the rise in land prices is partly due to the ongoing economic troubles in the Eurozone and other parts of the world – in fact the ongoing global economic troubles only seem to enhance farmland's reputation as a safe-haven asset. With no clear end in sight to the problems there is a strong desire to get money into something solid and tangible. As land prices rise, buyers can use their asset for a number of uses from farming to grazing and paddock conversion or for recreational or amenity purposes.

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