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Land News from 2009

An invaluable resource for the latest land news in the UK from 2009, including the latest news on land values and the agricultural land market.

A good model for future farmland value trends.

Forecasts for farmland values suggest a growth between 5 and 6 per cent each year until 2015. However, in reality, some regional markets are seeing values eclipse this (rise) already.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 18 Dec 2009)

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Demand for land is outstripping supply.

What will happen to land prices over the next five years when demand is increasing and supply of land appears to be decreasing? With buyers' confidence on the up, land prices are set to rise significantly.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 11 Dec 2009)

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Farming gets off lightly - the Chancellors Pre-Budget Report.

Inheritance Tax nil rate band threshold to remain 325,000 for 2010/11. Many had feared that rules for Agricultural Property Relief from Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax would be tightened, but both were noticeably absent from the full pre-budget report.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 11 Dec 2009)

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Time for landowners to make the most of housing potential.

Landowners should be actively promoting land for development ready to make the most of the economic upturn. With a general election in the near future and likely tax changes in the pipeline, now is the perfect time to be planning future developments or cashing in on promising sites.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 27 Nov 2009)

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Quality farms are in demand as bare land prices could increase 10% next year.

Farmland values in England are likely to rise modestly next year. Bare land prices could rise by 10%, based on strong demand from farmers and a good medium-term outlook for world commodity prices.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 20 Nov 2009)

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Farmland values set to remain high.

Farmland prices are holding firm, with supply falling well behind last year and demand remaining strong. Lack of supply of land is, without a doubt, driving strong prices with some land prices increasing by 4.4%. The land market is still very active with land seen as a safe haven for money in the current market. This strong demand is likely to continue into 2010 and values are set to remain at these higher levels.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 13 Nov 2009)

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Wheat price could contribute to land shortage.

Low wheat prices is one of three reasons why the supply of farmland could halve next year. The others are the level of high-value driven sales in 2008, and the forthcoming election.

(Source:, 27 Oct 2009)

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Shortage of farmland underpins land value.

Very few large commercial farms have come to the market this year and this land shortage is the main factor underpinning value. The average value for all land grew by roughly 3% in the third quarter with the biggest increase on the price of arable land at 5% growth.

(Source:, 16 Oct 2009)

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Farmland is expected to nearly double in value between 2010 and 2012.

Farmland has more than doubled in value since 1995 and is expected to nearly double again between 2010 and 2012. This year UK farmland has grown on average 11% in value. Next year price growth is expected to ease to 9%, while in 2012 it is predicted to hit a growth of 16.2%.

(Source:, 14 Oct 2009)

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Farmland prices rising in 2009 as tight supply of farmland drives prices.

Farmland values are continuing to rise – but supply remains tight. The average, across-the-board value of land rose 3% in the third quarter of this year with the strongest growth in the South East of 6.4%.

(Source:, 21 Sep 2009)

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RICS Rural Land Market Survey H1 2009

Despite the downturn in the global economy, the latest RICS rural land market survey reports that farmland prices (bare land) remained broadly flat during H1 2009 whereas farmland containing residential property had seen prices fall. Despite this, demand for farmland increased firmly during H1 2009 whilst supply of farmland for sale declined. Confidence in the price outlook turned positive with farmland prices expected to potentially rise once more.

(Source: RICS Rural Land Market Survey H1 2009, 22 Jul 2009)

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Agricultural land prices buck trend

As expected, 2009 is turning out to be a challenging year for the property market, but while the residential sector remains somewhat insecure, farms and agricultural land seem to be bucking the trend.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 01 May 2009)

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Farmland prices still growing year-on-year

New research shows average farmland prices are still recording year-on-year growth.

(Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive, 11 Apr 2009)

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Availability of farmland down 50% at start of 2009

The availability of farmland for sale in England in the first three months of 2009 was almost half that seen in the same period last year.

(Source: Farmers Weekly Interactive, 25 Mar 2009)

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Farmland seems to beat the credit crunch

Farmland has long been seen as the poor relation of the UK property market, but throughout 2008 it was undoubtedly the best growth sector. This trend continues and whilst residential and commercial property values fall, farmland has come to the fore.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 06 Mar 2009)

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