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Land News from 2010

An invaluable resource for the latest land news in the UK from 2010, including the latest news on land values and the agricultural land market.

Farmland prices remain at record high

Farmland prices remain at record highs after rising 24% since the beginning of 2009. Farmland continues to outperfrom many other asset classes highlighting how resilient the market is. Values are likely to rise again in 2011 as the shortage of land for sale remains. Good sized blocks of arable land are in particularly short supply.

(Source: Knight Frank, 02 Nov 2010)

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The Telegraph says buy farmland to beat the downturn

Buying farmland is one of the Telegraph's top 20 ways to profit from the downturn as land is the most rewarding property investment right now.

(Source:, 30 Dec 2010)

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Land prices keep rising despite quiet market

The shortage of land for sale continues to lead to strong competition and a rise in land prices. Bare land values have increased 6% since October and a total of 14.5% so far this year. Changes to planning rules which would encourage development in the countryside could boost values further.

(Source:, 03 Dec 2010)

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Farmland values are predicted to rise by up to a further 12% in 2011

Average farmland values increased 10% during the first three quarters of 2010 compared to Savills forecast for the year of around 7%. Savills believe a fall in values is highly unlikely given the fundamentals of growing populations, food security, increased wealth, renewable energy and land being a finite resource. Savills are forecasting up to a further 12% rise in farmland values in 2011.

(Source: Savills, 18 Oct 2010)

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Farmland values rose by 7% in the second quarter of 2010

Farmland values rose by 6.9% in the second quarter of 2010. This takes growth over the past 12 months to 19.7%. Prices are being driven up by a continuing shortage of supply and increased interest from private individuals. Farmland values are predicted to rise by at least a further 10% over the next year.

Farmland values rose by 7% in the second quarter of 2010

(Source: Knight Frank, 23 Jun 2010)

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Farm land prices leap 120%

Forget sagging share prices, rock-bottom savings rates and a shaky housing market. Emerging triumphant from the credit crunch is the oldest commodity of them all - farmland. Savills reports that, the price of farm land has shot up by 120% over the past five years stating that "Agricultural land is like gold, but with a cash flow as well".

(Source:, 01 Aug 2010)

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RICS Rural Land Market Survey H1 2010

The RICS opinion based measure of farmland saw land prices increase by over 6% in the first half of 2010. This opinion based measure is shaped by valuations of bare land only.

Shortage of land and increased demand keep land prices up

Results show that the demand for farmland continues to rise, whilst the supply of land continued to decline. Surveyors expect farmland prices to continue rising over the next 12 months as a result of the supply/demand imbalance.

(Source: RICS Rural Land Market Survey H1 2010, 30 Jul 2010)

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The farmland market is booming

The exemption of farmland from liability to Inheritance Tax is one reason why farms and landed estates continue to appeal to farmers and investors, even during a recession. Another is the simple matter of supply and demand. Now, the volume of land traded has dropped so much that the opportunity may only present itself once in a lifetime.

(Source:, 22 Jul 2010)

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Inflation fears drive English land values to record high

Investors looking for investments likely to keep their value if inflation soars has sent land prices up by nearly 20% in a year to a record high. Prior to the credit crunch people investors were snapping up residential farms, now bare land is what they seem to be looking for. The increase in land prices is predicted to continue, with gains expected at about 10% over the next year.

(Source:, 23 Jun 2010)

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UK emergency Budget good for land prices which are already performing well

Land prices could be driven up even further by changes to capital gains tax announced in the UK emergency Budget. As the economy picks up and new capital gains are generated we could see a resurgence of interest in rollover relief into agricultural land, particularly from business sellers looking for a new asset class that is seen as a safe haven and Inheritance Tax efficient.

(Source:, 23 Jun 2010)

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Farmland Property Outperforms Commercial Markets Again

Farmland outperformed the commercial markets for the third consecutive year, delivering 8.2% returns last year. Importantly for investors is the fact that farm land continues to perform well during recessions and is a useful asset to have in a portfolio. More investors are considering buying land with vacant possession and arranging for it to be farmed in order to get a foothold in the marketplace.

(Source:, 22 Jun 2010)

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Gardens are not the place to build houses. Try the countryside.

The Government announced that gardens are no longer going to be classified as brownfield land - something that will make it much harder for developers to build properties. The proper place to build homes is on agricultural land.

(Source:, 10 Jun 2010)

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UK Farmland Prices Continue to Grow.

Since the start of 2010, UK land values have increased by 18%, with the most growth in the past 2 months according to a recent report from Strutt & Parker. This is supported by the forecast made by Savills, which states that farmland prices will increase by another 5-6% [per year] until 2015. Land is considered a safe investment, which might also bring capital gains and tax benefits.

(Source:, 24 May 2010)

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Farmland growth expected to outstrip inflation by the end of 2010 and prove as good an investment as gold

Farmland values continued to rise in the first quarter of 2010 and even outperformed gold. The average rise in value in farmland is expected to comfortably outstrip inflation by the end of the year with annual growth of 5 to 6%.

(Source:, 19 Apr 2010)

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Farmland values rose by 5.4% in the first quarter of 2010

Farmland values rose by 5.4% in the first quarter of 2010. This takes growth over the past 12 months to 15.5%. Prices are being driven up by a continuing shortage of supply and increased interest from overseas buyers and investors. Farmland values are predicted to rise by a further 10% during 2010.

Farmland values rose by 5.4% in the first quarter of 2010

(Source: Knight Frank, 31 Mar 2010)

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Tax relief suggested for woodland

Farmers who plant woodland should be exempt from inheritance tax, an influential committee of MPs has suggested. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee said millions more trees are needed across Britain to tackle climate change. To encourage landowners to plant woodland, they called on ministers to provide tax relief for farmers who plant trees. At the moment agricultural land is exempt from inheritance tax.

(Source:, 19 Mar 2010)

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Brownfield targets ‘slow down house building’

The decade-long push to build on brownfield has run its course. Over the next decade, local authorities will need new incentives to build houses where they are needed. This also means a fresh look at the green belt, ‘safeguarding farmland at the city fringe should not be a high priority’.

(Source:, 16 Mar 2010)

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Council recommended to make agricultural land key part of investment plans

Farm land across the UK could be on the shopping list for County Council's pension funds. In terms of market turmoil, as has been the case recently, land investments have performed better than equities.

(Source:, 02 Mar 2010)

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City money drives farmland prices up

As the world population grows, eating habits change and more farmland is lost to development and degradation, the investment rationale behind farmland will remain strong. Farmland is a tangible asset that you can see and touch, which is comforting in this economic environment and the value of farmland is already above its 2008 peak.

(Source:, 26 Feb 2010)

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Greenbelt land sold by Vantage Land gains planning permission

Planning permission has been granted for the development of a 108 berth marina, facilities building (including a café, office, gift shop, lounge/restaurant and toilets), workshop and car parking. This lot was sold by Vantage Land prior to planning permission being sought and its development adds considerable hope-value to the remaining lots at this site increasing their investment potential greatly.

Please note, this land has sold out. View all our available land for sale.

(Source:, 25 Feb 2010)

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'Buy farmland' advises Dr Marc “Doom” Faber

The world’s most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland by Marc Faber, the market pundit who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the more recent financial crisis.

(Source: The Times, 22 Feb 2010)

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UK house building hits lowest since 1946

Housebuilders have blamed the ongoing lack of mortgage finance and shortage of available land for their inability to deliver more homes.

(Source:, 18 Feb 2010)

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Price of farmland rises as investors pile in

Strong demand for farmland, combined with a shortage of supply, caused prices to rise during the six months to the end of December with the current wave of demand being driven by investors. Investors saw farmland as a "stable venture", after prices remained resilient during the recession, while low interest rates had also caused them to turn to alternative assets in a bid to get higher returns.

(Source:, 18 Feb 2010)

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Investors move in on farmland

Farmland prices staged a recovery in the second half of 2009 owing to a lack of available land and growing demand for stable investments.

(Source:, 18 Feb 2010)

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RICS Rural Land Market Survey H2 2009

Exceptionally low supply and rising demand boosts farmland prices and expectations. The RICS transaction based measure of farmland prices saw land values increase by 7.8% in the second half of 2009.

Low supply and rising demand boosts farmland prices and expectations

The consensus amongst surveyors is that a very thin market is likely to persist during 2010 and this in turn is expected to drive farmland prices even higher. Furthermore, with interest rates expected to remain low for the foreseeable period, there is increasing interest in farmland from non-commercial buyers seeking higher returns on alternative assets.

(Source: RICS Rural Land Market Survey H2 2009, 09 Feb 2010)

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Why this man chose farms over funds

Veteran investor Jim Rogers has proclaimed agriculture as the investment “of the next three decades”, as the world comes to grips with a growing population and food shortages. With farming also offering relief against income tax, inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax (CGT), land agents are reporting surging interest from high earners looking for shelter from imminent tax rises.

(Source: www., 31 Jan 2010)

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UK land values are still strong

Agents' surveys put the average value of farmland about 30% higher than in 2007 with land prices expected to increase by at least a further 5% next year.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 22 Jan 2010)

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Farmland prices increased by 164% during the last decade

Farmland values rose by 3% in the fourth quarter of 2009 taking annual growth to 6.8% as the amount of farmland publicly advertised for sale fell by almost 30%. Farmland prices increased by 164% during the last decade and are predicted to continue increasing this decade and could double in value again.

Farmland prices increase 164% in the last decade

(Source: Knight Frank, 15 Jan 2010)

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Still firm demand for land

Is there still heat in the land market? The evidence from recent completed sales shows that there is still firm demand for land. Low interest rates - for savers and investors - will turn individual's minds to farms and land as a more secure investment.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 15 Jan 2010)

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Farmers likely to shape the land market in 2010

Farmers are likely to shape the land market in 2010 with tight supply the overriding factor. Land prices could edge up by 5% during 2010 as land is seen as a good hedge against future inflation, one of the safest assets.

(Source: Farmers Weekly, 15 Jan 2010)

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