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An invaluable resource for the latest land news in the UK, including the latest news on land values and the agricultural land market.

Land keeps pace with London's residential market

The average value of land rose again last quarter and 8% over the past 12 months. This represents the eleventh consecutive quarter of growth and means values now stand at a record high. Over the past five years farmland has outperformed many other asset classes, including gold, and has even kept pace with London’s luxury residential market.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q3 2015, 5 Oct 2015)

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Land market remains strong

The land market remains strong as land prices rose by 3% last quarter, the tenth consecutive quarter of growth. Land prices have now risen by 33% since the end of 2012 and now stand at a record high. Over the past 10 years land prices have almost trebled, a far stronger performance than many other asset classes.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q2 2015, 7 Jul 2015)

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Land values rise by 15% in 2014

The farmland market in England continued to set a blistering pace throughout 2014 with the average value of land rising by 15%. This was a markedly stronger performance than the other leading safehaven assets of gold (+4%) and prime central London luxury residential (+5%). A continued imbalance between supply and demand helped to push up values in 2014. Around 20% fewer acres of land were put up for sale publicly last year, compared with the previous year.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q4 2014, 10 Feb 2015)

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Year on year, land prices up 15%

Year on year, land prices are up 15%. This means land has outperformed most other major asset classes, including the UK housing market (+10%), the FTSE 100 (+5%) and gold (-9%). A continual limited supply of land together with on-going demand from both farmers and investors continues to push up land prices.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q3 2014, 13 Oct 2014)

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Land prices increase by 12% due to a revival in ‘lifestyle’ demand for land

Land prices increased by 12% over the last year as the growth in demand for farmland continues to outstrip that of supply. A significant revival in ‘lifestyle’ demand for land is pushing up land prices and supporting expectations for further increases over the course of the next twelve months.

(Source: RICS Rural Market Survey H1 2014, 08 Aug 2014)

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Land values outperforming gold

The average price of land rose by 11% in 2013. During the same period, gold – an asset class land is often compared to – lost almost 30% of its value. This on-going performance highlights why land is increasingly being looked at as a potential investment by wealthy individuals and funds. Strong demand from investors as well as farmers, combined with a limited supply of land for sale, is helping to maintain price growth. Furthermore, land values are expected to grow by 6% during 2014.

(Source: Knight Frank Farmland Index Q4 2013, 12 Jan 2014)

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Farmland prices reach new highs

Farmland prices continue to rise as once again there appears to be strong demand together with a flat supply picture. The value of farmland increased by around 8% over the past 6 months. Looking forward, the majority of surveyors expect further price increases in farmland.

(Source: RICS Rural Market Survey H2 2013, 25 Feb 2014)

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Farmland price outlook remains upbeat

Farmland prices increased by around 10% during the first half of this year highlighting the continued appreciation of land. Looking forward, surveyors are very optimistic about farmland price prospects over the next 12 months.

(Source: RICS Rural Market Survey H1 2013, 23 Aug 2013)

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Farmland could exceed 20,000 pounds per acre by 2020

Land prices could reach almost £50,000 per hectare (over £20,000/acre) by 2020, a leading property consultant has advised. The need to feed an increasing world population will continue to drive demand for land and land prices will continue to rise.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 14 Jun 2013)

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Demand for land leads to rising land prices

The land market continues to be characterised by strong demand and low supply resulting in land prices increasing by 9%. Land prices are predicted to rise by up to 10% in 2013.

(Source: Fisher German, 22 Apr 2013)

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Farmland prices are expected to continue to rise in 2013

The average price of farmland increased again during the second half of last year reaching a record high. Looking ahead, given the current strength of farmland prices and the lack of available land, surveyors expect farmland prices to increase further over the next 12 months.

(Source: RICS Rural Market Survey H2 2012, 15 Feb 2013)

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Farmland values rise again

The value of English farmland rose again in the first three months of 2013 to overtake the previous high reached in the summer of last year. This takes growth over the past 12 months to 4% and the past decade to 207%. Farmland continues to outperform many other asset classes over the mid to long-term and Knight Frank expects farmland values to increase by a further 4% to 5% over the next 12 months.

(Source: Knight Frank, 15 Apr 2013)

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Farmland values set to rise even further in 2013

Farmland values increased by 3% in 2012, despite the summer washout that badly affected farming profitability this year. Farmland values are set to increase even further in 2013 with farmland remaining an attractive investment asset over the coming years.

(Source: Knight Frank, 07 Jan 2013)

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