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Food prices to remain high

Food prices are set to fall in the short-term, but in the long-term will remain at relatively high levels compared to the past decade.

(Source: Farmers Guardian, 10 Oct 2008)

Food expert, Professor Tim Lang, a member of a Chatham House group that has been addressing the issue of food security for the past three years, dismissed suggestions the events of the past 18 months were a blip.

“I think there is no doubt we are seeing a fundamental change in the price of food. Even optimistic prognoses that say prices are going to come down say they are not going down to the levels of 2005,” he told Farmers Guardian.

“You have got a problem now that isn’t just about supply, but the nature of what people eat and its impact on their health and the environment. It is an issue of culture and that takes the whole policy to very complex terrain.”

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